The twenty purses for the Gifted exhibition are now complete, two weeks before the deadline! It’s been really fun but I am very glad to be finished so I can work on different things – I’ve put so many ideas on hold to get these done. I’m very pleased with the collection as a whole – there’s a nice variety of cute and pretty fabrics and some of my best work yet, I think. The exhibition doesn’t open until the 16th November but I’m sure I will be reminding you all nearer the time!


I’ve made logo tags for each purse with my new fabric ink stampers. I wanted something to brand the purses and let any purchasers know where to find me but I’m not a fan of overt branding – massive logos attached to things that you can’t easily remove. So my logo is stamped on to pieces of cute fabric and they will just be placed inside the purses. Nice and subtle and non-permanent. What do you think?

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