Design Work

New Logo

You may have noticed that Asking For Trouble has a new logo! I wanted something a bit more bold and colourful to celebrate my second decade in business.

new logo

Before I talk about that, I thought it would be fun to look back at all my logos. Unfortunately, I don’t seem to have kept much of my old branding images (they might be on my external HD but ugh).

asking for trouble box set

asking for trouble logo


asking for trouble logo

Asking For Trouble was originally the name of my record label and I borrowed the name and logo for my new craft business. All my early logos are just a font I liked and I was pretty shocked looking back at my old packaging photos that my business name was really not prominent at all, let alone a recognisable brand.


asking for trouble logo

 This is my first real logo, which I’ve been using since 2013. It was fine but I don’t draw in that style any more. It also used a watercolour image so the file size was huge and couldn’t easily be resized or used on different background colours.


asking for trouble logo sketch

Here’s my first sketch from doodling logo ideas on the iPad!

asking for trouble logo steps

And here’s the next steps. The one on the left was put together quickly to see if it would work as a logo and on my packaging. I then tidied it up – changing the shape of the cloud and resizing elements to fit better and look balanced. They’re small changes but really make a difference.

asking for trouble new logo

And here’s the final logos. I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s much stronger and more representative of my current style. It also works with different backgrounds and dimensions, with space to add a strapline when needed.

new packaging

I really love how my packaging looks now! I can’t wait until everything matches in the new style but it will take some time to use up all my old packaging and promo stuff. Something to look forward to.

Free Things!, News

2018 Calendar Printable Bookmarks

I’ve had quite a few people mention that they’re using my 2018 calendar postcards in their journals and planners. Now that they’re sold out, I’ve created a set of printable bookmarks.

2018 Calendar Printable Bookmarks

Using the same cute artwork, I’ve fitted two months on each bookmark plus a seasonal weather character. They’ll be helpful for keeping track of journal pages or just for your current read.

2018 Calendar Printable Bookmarks

Since they’re printables, you can print off as many as you like at any size and even use sticker paper or coloured paper to include them as part of your layouts. I’ve also included files with the blue background removed so you can save ink or print in black and white.

The full set of printable bookmarks is available now for £3 (+VAT if your country charges it) from Payhip or Etsy. The full colour bookmarks are free to my newsletter subscribers with January/February available today. If you’re not a subscriber you can sign up any time and the welcome email will include a link to view all the previous newsletters.

I hope you like them!


Shop News: Back in Stock & Coming Soon

Despite the dent to my bank account, one of my favourite January tasks is reordering products that were popular over Christmas. It’s nice to have everything restocked and filled up. Here’s what’s back and what to look out for.

meal planner and shopping list notepads


My Meal Planners, Shopping Lists and Busy Bee Organisers are all fully restocked and ready to help keep you organised. Don’t forget you can save a little cash by ordering a Meal Planner & Shopping List set – just look for the option in the dropdown of either product.

gingerbread man wrapping paper

Gift Wrap

Cookie Cute wrapping paper is back too, and works just as well for birthdays and Valentine’s Day. I’m planning to order another wrapping paper design soon – any requests?

polymer stamps

Polymer Stamps

I had to take down my pick and mix offer as some characters are running very low. They’ll all be back in stock later this week so you have a little more time to decide on your choices.

enamel pins

Enamel Pins

I just ordered two new enamel pin designs so I’m quite excited to see those next month. In the meantime, Peapod pins are all sold out (the last 3 went to triplets! So perfect) but will be back later this year. There are just 3 Fried Egg pins left and they won’t be back so get one while you can.

halloween ghost brooches

New Product Plans

I’m always interested to hear your suggestions for new products so let me know what you’d like to see. I’m considering some new letter sets, more printed wooden brooches and another surprise box. I expect there will be a new limited edition Ghost brooch too – what could he do next?

price freeze

Price Freeze

Don’t forget that my prices will be going up on February 1st so get shopping and take advantage of the current prices while you can!

Ideas and Inspiration

My Bullet Journal Setup

One of my goals this year was to start a bullet journal, and I have already begun.

kawaii bullet journal

The notebook I picked was a Leuchtturm 1917 A5 dotted notebook in Azure and I added a couple of my own Redbubble stickers to make it cuter. I’m sure I will be adding more.

kawaii bullet journal

The notebook has a pocket at the back but I also made another little pocket out of a square of washi tape. I’m undecided where to stick my 2018 postcard calendar so it’s just loose for the moment.

kawaii bullet journal

If you’re not familiar with bullet journals, it’s basically a custom planner with layouts and pages that you create yourself. Here’s what I’ve got so far.

kawaii bullet journal

The first pages I made have a box for each month, which I will use to track various monthly tasks and stats. I just drew these with a ruler and stencils and added stickers for fun.

kawaii bullet journal

Since I have trouble with my hands (RSI & nerve damage), I’ve made things easy for myself. I bought some simple washi tape to use for headers and printed out some calendars to glue in. This spread will be for major birthdays, deadlines etc.

kawaii bullet journal

This spread is for goal tracking. I’m colouring in the date every time I go outside and it is not going very well, thanks to my horrible cold. At least I can only improve. The other page has since been updated to track how many blog posts I write. I’ve decorated these with my favourite Sumikko Gurashi washi tapes to inspire me.

kawaii bullet journal

This spread is for my Ghibli Rewatch and has already helped me finally watch Grave of the Fireflies. I’m always forgetting which film comes next so I’ve pencilled them all in in order. Once I watch a film, I can go over it in pen. I will probably use the space on the right for my eventual ranking. I may have ordered some Totoro washi tape just for decorating this spread.

kawaii bullet journal

I’ve also got simple pages to track the films and TV shows I watch, new music I listen to and books that I rate at 5 stars. I’m not using this journal to track things that I already track digitally. Books are still on Goodreads, blog posts on Google Calendar, wish list on Amazon, links on Feedly etc.

Other pages I will probably add: blog post ideas, new product ideas, packages I’m waiting for. I’ll also be using this journal to plan my next Japan trip but I haven’t started on that yet.

kawaii bullet journal

Anyway, I just wanted to share my beginnings. I’ve kept things simple so I can make sure I use it before I spend a lot of time on it. I don’t plan to share updates publicly, hence why all these pages are still blank! I will check in later this year with how it’s going. I’ll also share some of my favourite supplies and inspiration on Super Cute Kawaii soon.


Christmas Gifts I Made

It’s a shame that Christmas is the busiest time for all my businesses as it’s really hard to find the time to make unique gifts for friends and family. I did manage a few though!

kawaii christmas pudding card

This year was so busy that I had to scale back on my handmade personal cards. Usually, I make around 30 but this year I just made 6! It features a paper cut Christmas pudding that you might recognise from my Penny Black Christmas window. Everyone else got a digital version I had printed from the original.

kawaii pom pom snowman

kawaii pom pom snowman

I had an idea for a pom pom snowman in my head and it turned out even cuter than I imagined! It all came together when I added the mini pom poms for eyes and cheeks. I made it for my sister and it got a little bit squashed in transit, and is a bit more fragile than I’d like, but I still love it. I will probably do a tutorial for this later in the year.

photo a day prompt cards

photo a day prompt cards

I knew exactly what I wanted to buy for my dad’s present, but it turned out it doesn’t exist. He bought a DSLR camera when he retired and hasn’t really been using it. I know from experience that a daily project is great for starting a habit so I created some daily photo prompt cards and had them printed at Moo.

The idea is that you pick one at random every day and then choose one of the four prompts to follow. Some are technical or composition rules that might need a bit of research and practice and others are just subjects or ideas that might inspire a subject or force a different approach. There are also a few one off cards (like the blue one) with more complicated tasks. It was really fun coming up with all the prompt ideas and I tried to keep them quite open so they’ll work at home, on holiday, in bad weather etc., plus there’s no set schedule so you can skip a day or do more than one. I’m glad to say the cards have done their job and my dad has been taking lots of great photos every day.

I was really surprised that none of the sites that set monthly Instagram photo challenges have made something like this. If I had the audience, I would totally manufacture these for sale.