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Enamel Pins Seconds Sale + Giveaway Winners

enamel pins

I sorted through all my enamel pins at the weekend so all the dodgy ones are now available for less than half price! Most of them just have scratches or dark smudges that aren’t too noticeable so you’re getting a real bargain. There’s lots of Fried Eggs, quite a few Ghosts and no Peapods (or Fujis). I’ve split them between my shop and Etsy so go get them.

10 year anniversary surprise box

It’s also time to pick the giveaway winners. As is becoming depressingly common, my giveaway was hijacked by professional giveaway entrants. If you fancy a laugh, go check out the comments – I can tell you now that I will not be featuring Disney or Star Wars or children’s books in my next box. If you ever run a giveaway, please take the time to check your winner is an actual fan of your work and not someone with a Twitter feed overflowing with giveaway entries.

Anyway, there may not have been many helpful comments but thank you to everyone who did leave one. Halloween, Christmas, space and food are especially fun ideas that I will consider for future.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And the winners are Annie and Deana. I’ll be emailing you both directly.

10 Year Anniversary

What Was Inside My 10 Year Anniversary Surprise Box

I think everyone has received their surprise box by now (if not, you should probably email me), so let’s reveal what was inside.

10 year anniversary surprise box

It’s always fun planning the contents. For this box, I wanted to include my most popular characters and celebrate all things Asking For Trouble. This is how it was supposed to look when you opened it, though I expect it all moved around in the mail. I also drew a character on the lid of each box to make them unique.

kawaii fried egg enamel pin

1. Fried Egg enamel pin

The hardest part of these surprise boxes was keeping these pins a secret while I waited for the last few things to arrive. They turned out so cute and I love the backing cards. Fried Egg pins are also available in my shop.

little ghost fabric patch

2. Little Ghost fabric patch

Patches are almost as big a trend as pins at the moment so I thought I’d try one out. I went for the fabric option over embroidered as they’re a little more versatile. You can sew or pin it to your coat or bag or use it for craft and sewing projects. I had some extras which are in my shop, along with bargain seconds with minor printing flaws.

kawaii planet paper cuts

3. Planet paper cut

With all my paper craft tutorials this year, I really wanted to send everyone a paper cut character. Originally it was going to be a ghost, until I made the patches. Instead I simplified my Planet paper cut tutorial and mix and matched the faces and colours so most would be unique. I had a fun afternoon in front of the TV sticking these all together. You can watch a video of these being cut on my Instagram.

bunny and panda gift wrap

4. Bunny & Panda craft paper

This Bunny & Panda pattern is my most popular fabric design so I put it on some paper. I thought double-sided would be even more fun so there’s an Easter Bunny design on the back. The paper is perfect for origami, scrapbooking and gift wrap so I’m hoping to see some fun photos when you use it.

acrylic kawaii stars

5. 2 Happy Stars

If you cast your minds back to another surprise box – I made some star pins for Super Cute Box. I’ve had these extra ones sitting around since then since they were too transparent for brooches. I decided to pop a couple in each box and see what you guys would come up with. They’d be fun for crafts or even buttons.

kawaii cloud badges

6. Kawaii Skies badge

I’d been wanting to add a Happy Cloud and Sad Rain Cloud badge set to my shop so I let my surprise box buyers get one first.

asking for trouble pencils

7. Asking For Trouble pencil

My original plan was to include a pen from my Zazzle store but the shipping made it unworkable so instead I had some pencils made in my brand colours. It’s great that my business name makes a perfect pencil catchphrase!

surprise box stickers

8. 10 year anniversary stickers

You have to have stickers! I made so many 10 year anniversary designs and wanted to share them with you. Each box contained 2 stickers with 10 possible designs available.

asking for trouble 10 year anniversary

9. 10 year anniversary postcard

I spent a lot of time deciding what to put on this postcard but eventually went with my 10 year designs since they make a nice pattern. I have a few of these left and must remember to start popping them in orders.

surprise box zine

10. Mini zine

Since I’m a writer/blogger as much as a designer, I like to include a little booklet in my boxes. It has details of all the items plus a history of my ten most popular characters that won’t be published anywhere else.

If you bought a box, I hope you enjoyed it and would love to see your photos or hear which items you liked best. You can tag me on Instagram or chat on Twitter.

surprise box giveaway

Win a surprise box

There’s still time to win one too + a themed prize pack. Enter my giveaway before the end of the weekend!

On-Demand News

Halloween Products On-Demand + Evil Twin Ghost

I’m seeing a lot more Halloween characters popping up in my sales notifications so here’s a round-up of what’s available in my on-demand stores.

evil ghost halloween society6

Evil Twin Ghost

I’ve added the evil version of my Little Ghost to Redbubble and Society6, if you like to terrify yourself. I don’t know why you’d want to carry around an evil ghost on your bag, hug an evil ghost pillow or look at an evil ghost while showering, but it’s all possible! Best of all, you can send evil ghost cards to your enemies*

halloween partyware

Halloween Collections

If you prefer the original happy ghost, there are loads of products available at Redbubble, Society6 and Zazzle, from stationery and gadget cases to clothing and homeware. My favourites are the partyware of paper cups, plates and napkins, while my Halloween gift wrap is a top seller.

halloween gift wrap

As always, look out for discounts and shipping offers and share your photos with me if you buy something! There’s up to 40% off clothing and 15% off everything else at Zazzle today with the code ZAZZLESAVE40.

* There is still the possibility that in a Bender/Flexo style twist, the original Little Ghost is actually the evil one. I take no responsibility if good things happen to your enemy or vice versa.

Creative Work, On-Demand News

2018 Tea Towel Calendars + 5 Year Diary

I was pretty gutted to discover that I missed the annual Spoonflower tea towel calendar contest for the first time ever. It was a few weeks earlier than usual so I wasn’t expecting it yet. It’s not that I ever place that highly in the voting, but it’s just nice to see what everyone has designed this year and how mine works alongside it.

2018 tea towel calendar

Here’s what I would have entered for my eighth year. I’ve been thinking about the weather a lot lately (after another rainy summer followed by a cold and rainy autumn) so this seemed like a fun idea. I’ve added it to my Spoonflower store and it will be available as soon as I get a swatch in the post.

2018 tea towel calendars

I’ve also updated all my previous calendars if you fancy sewing up a tea towel for 2018. Mugs and postcards and things will be available over the next few weeks.


Which brings us to 5 Year Diaries! I wasn’t sure if it was worth doing them this year but I’ve had one request already so I probably will now. The question is whether anyone else wants a paperback version (as above) rather than the spiral bound edition I sell through Lulu. If you are interested, speak up now and I’ll set up a pre-order.