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Bullet Journal Update

It’s been a few months since I started using a bullet journal so I thought it might be a good time to share how I’m getting on with it. Again, sorry for the lack of photos below, but I don’t use my journal pages in a photogenic way, plus some of the information is personal. I’ll blog about some of these page subjects more generally in future.

kawaii bullet journal

My journal has definitely been getting cuter as I found a lot of useful stuff while decluttering my studio. I find clips really helpful for quick access to my most-used pages. I shared my favourite journalling supplies over at SCK with the rest of the team, if you’re interested.

kawaii bullet journal

Pages I use regularly

  • In The Post – things I’ve ordered online
  • Surprise Mail – to keep track of my surprise mail swap so I don’t forget to reply
  • Go Outside – highlighting every date I go out for a walk
  • Blog Posts – every blog post I write here and at SCK
  • TV Shows – complete seasons I’ve finished watching
  • Films – complete films I’ve watched (with a rating out of 5)
  • New Recipes – what I’ve tried and whether I should make it again

My favourite page is In The Post. I’m just listing the date and item (with separate colours for personal and business purchases). I draw a box when it ships and a cross inside when it arrives. This is so helpful for seeing at a glance what I’m waiting for, things I pre-ordered ages ago and spotting items that are late and need chasing. Plus it’s a good shopping deterrent seeing it all written down.

Recipes is a new favourite too – I printed out all the recipes I’ve been saving online and have vowed to try at least one a week. I’m keeping a list of what I tried with an open box if I need to give it another go (if I messed up or changed too much), a cross if it’s a total dud or a star if it should go into regular rotation.

kawaii bullet journal

Pages I’m not using

I’m not really using any of the date-based pages – I just don’t look at my journal often enough for it to be useful so I add things to my phone calendar instead. Maybe if I did all my work at a desk, it would be handy to check each morning, but I work all around the house so my journal stays by the sofa to update when I have a few moments.

kawaii bullet journal

Pages I’m still thinking about

  • Japan Planning – it’s still a bit early for this
  • Local Events – things I often miss because the date changes each year
  • Blog Post/Product/List ideas – I’m more likely to have my phone to hand when I think of something but it might be helpful to look at a real list sometimes.

Overall, I’m really glad I started a journal as it’s been both useful and fun. I’m learning a lot about how I use it and expect things to keep changing and evolving. I expect I’ll use it a lot more over the summer when I usually spend more time in my studio instead of huddled on the sofa under my comforter!


100 Days of Kawaii Characters – Part 1

I wasn’t sure what to expect with my 100 Days of Kawaii Characters project but it’s all going great. I’m managing to post something new every day and working through my big list of ideas. I’m posting daily on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, but I’ll also do a catch-up blog post for every 12 characters. I’ve included the software I used too – if you want to know about specific brushes – it’s usually mentioned in the original post.

100 Days of Kawaii Characters

Days 1-4

  • Jammie Dodger – I started off with a reworking of one of my earliest characters that I never shared because it’s not quite right. Maybe you’ll see it again! (Illustrator)
  • Sad Ice Lolly – just a small variation on the original but super adorable. (Illustrator)
  • Party Rings – a big hit, especially with my British followers. (Sketch/iPad)
  • Ghost with an umbrella – inspired by a customer request. (Procreate/iPad)

100 Days of Kawaii Characters

Days 5-8

  • Battenberg Cake – a request that was another early favourite (Sketch/iPad).
  • Party Rings pattern – I’ve decided to post patterns on Sundays and this is the first. (Photoshop)
  • Baby Courgette – This was a lot of fun to draw! (Procreate/iPad)
  • Bread Slice –  Another rejected redraw, though this is my favourite. (Illustrator)

100 Days of Kawaii Characters

Days 9-12

  • Cakeify/Cupcake – the last of the redraws. I quite like this one too. (Illustrator)
  • Snow Bunny – I’ve been going through old sketchbooks and this was one of my Look Around character ideas back in 2012. (Illustrator)
  • Gingerbread Ghost – A mashup of my Little Ghost and Cookie Cute characters.(Illustrator)
  • Planets – an idea for a repeat pattern based on my paper craft tutorial. (Illustrator)

Which are your favourites so far?

On-Demand News, The100DayProject

New Pattern: Kawaii Lemons & Limes (25% off today)

My 100 Day Project has reignited my passion for creating repeat patterns and I plan to post a new one every Sunday. It turns out that also aligns nicely with my on-demand stores as they often have discounts on a Sunday. So, I’ll share my new designs here on the blog too so you don’t miss out.

kawaii lemons and limes

This week’s pattern features some happy lemons and limes. This was one of my pattern ideas for the monthly wallpapers I created in 2016 so it was satisfying to finally make it. It’s weird that I had never drawn a lime before as I always have one in the kitchen.

kawaii lemons and limes society6

It’s now available in my Society6 & Redbubble stores on tons of fun products including homeware, stationery, bags, gadget cases, art prints and more. The fresh colour scheme is perfect for summertime and the kitchen.

kawaii lemons and limes redbubble

There’s 25% off everything today at Society6 so take advantage – or you can also wish list something for later.


Birthday Trip To Edinburgh

I seem to be making a habit of visiting Edinburgh for my birthday, and getting pretty lucky with the weather too.

botanic gardens edinburgh

It was so nice the first day that I went to the Botanic Gardens, along with my newest companion, Birthday Pusheen! I didn’t want much this year (because Japan!) but everyone needs a cute birthday friend.

botanic gardens edinburgh

Looking back at Flickr, its 11 years since I last visited, which seems impossible but there we are. Spring had just about arrived so I was able to see some flowers, but I really must go back in the summertime one year.

botanic gardens edinburgh

Since it was my birthday, I treated myself to a ticket for the glass houses. This was my first time inside and there’s a lot to see. I especially liked the animal sculptures dotted around for photo opportunities.

botanic gardens edinburgh

There was also a display of orchids and other tropical flowers. This one is just perfect – love those peachy colours.

botanic gardens edinburgh

Even with all that, the highlight was still coming across this cat having a snooze in the picnic area. I don’t get a lot of cat petting opportunities and this one was happy to oblige.


I stayed overnight at the same hotel as last time as it’s so handy being right across from the station. The next morning I saw the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition (v good as always) and then wandered around Greyfriars Kirk until Hannah Zakari was open. I’d never been in here before either and it is proper old and super interesting with great views of the castle.


I did a lot of window shopping too but didn’t end buying anything at all for myself. Got to build up that Japan shopping fund!  So here’s another nice photo instead.

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Party Rings Biscuits at Society6 & Redbubble

My 100 Day Project is going really well (too well? I’m worried about posting a total dud now!) but one set of characters is already a big favourite.

kawaii party rings biscuits

Brits of a certain age will have fond memories of Party Rings biscuits with their bright pastel striped icing. Sadly they are not so great any more but you can relive the glory days with my new pattern.

kawaii party rings biscuits society6

It’s now available in my Society6 & Redbubble stores on tons of fun products including homeware, stationery, bags, gadget cases, art prints and more. It’s the perfect pattern to add some kawaii to your kitchen or daily life.

kawaii party rings biscuits redbubble

The clothing options are pretty incredible too – party rings leggings! As always, let me know if you order anything.

Most products are available from both sites so keep an eye out for their regular discounts. Society6 seem to have stopped free international shipping offers but Redbubble can print and ship some products regionally from the UK and Europe.