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My crafty makes and projects involving sewing, paper cutting, printmaking and more.

  • DIY bunny plush kit

    Recent Crafts

    As well as drawing for fun, I have been doing some crafting for fun so here’s 2 recent projects. Blossom Bunny I recently let all the SCK writers choose a kit to…

  • kawaii dollhouse kit

    My Kawaii Dollhouse Bedroom

    I’ve been making a miniature dollhouse kit and customising it with my own designs and ideas so let’s have a look. It looks quite realistic at first glance. I was going for…

  • craft plans

    Recent Craft Projects & 2021 Plans

    One thing 2020 was very good for was crafting and I completed so many projects, including some that had been unfinished for years. Here’s a look at what I made and what…

  • Spoonflower Wallpaper

    A Cute DIY With Spoonflower Wallpaper

    If anyone remembers my IKEA unit with map decals, I just finished a similar project! I used removable Spoonflower wallpaper to cover up some boring white furniture with cute cherry blossoms. The…

  • cross stitch
    Crafts, Me Me Me


    I haven’t been online much lately so here’s what I’ve been up to. I’ve been very busy with Claire testing out our new cross stitch patterns. Too busy in fact as I…

  • Crafts

    Recent Crafts

    I’ve probably done more crafting in the last couple of months than in the last few years! The early weeks of lockdown felt a lot like a weird holiday, and even though…

  • Angel Bunny Tapestry Cushion

    Angel Bunny Tapestry Pillow

    It was my mum’s birthday last week and I made her an Angel Bunny mini pillow! If you remember my crafts resolutions post earlier this year, this was the secret project, which…

  • kawaii window seat

    Making Time For Crafts In 2020

    One of my resolutions for 2020 is to set aside time for crafts. I sorted through my craft stuff recently so let’s have a look at all my unfinished (and yet-to-be-started) projects…