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Posts about my home and decorations.

  • hallway - after
    Home Sweet Home

    Home Improvements

    I made a few changes to my home last week and remembered to take some before and after photos so let’s have a look at my refreshed hallway, studio and more. Hallway…

  • Home Sweet Home

    My Desks 2003-2021

    This post was originally shared on Patreon but now I’m making it public. I was sorting through some photos and thought it would be fun to show you all my desks. I didn’t…

  • wooden ghost lock protector
    Home Sweet Home

    Ghost Padlock Protector

    I can’t believe I never blogged about my Ghost padlock protector! He’s just returned to his post on the shed after a trip to the hospital so let’s look at some photos…

  • halloween mantelpiece display
    Home Sweet Home

    Halloween Mantelpiece Display

    I’ve probably said it a million times before, but I love having a mantelpiece. My springtime mantelpiece display stayed up all through the summer, but I’ve slowly been changing it into a…

  • mantelpiece
    Home Sweet Home

    Springtime Mantelpiece

    It really is starting to feel like spring is here so I decided to change up my mantelpiece display to more of a springtime theme. That of course means lots of bunnies, including one…

  • christmas decorations
    Home Sweet Home

    Christmas Decorations

    I  already posted about my decorations in 2015 and 2014 but I have a few new additions and I arranged things a little differently so let’s do it again! I took over my entire…

  • my desk
    Home Sweet Home

    Studio Tour

    I have been promising this for ages, so finally a look around my tiny studio! I took all these photos not long after the room was repainted following water damage from a roof…

  • Home Sweet Home

    My Christmas Decorations

    I finally managed to get my Christmas decorations up at the weekend and now I’m feeling quite festive (which is good as Christmas is apparently ten days away, what?!). I put my…

  • Home Sweet Home, Me Me Me

    18 Months

    I finally got a nameplate made for my door and then realised it’s my 18 month anniversary of moving to Helensburgh today so happy anniversary, flat! I just had it cut along with…