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Freelance web and graphic design work for clients.

  • Design Work

    New Logo

    You may have noticed that Asking For Trouble has a new logo! I wanted something a bit more bold and colourful to celebrate my second decade in business. Before I talk about…

  • blog redesign
    Design Work

    Blog Design Update

    You may have noticed some changes around here as my blog has had a refresh! I’ve been meaning to do this for months but I couldn’t find a theme I liked as…

  • Design Work

    Penny Black

    People often ask me if I want to have my own shop someday and I always say NO WAY as I’m quite happy working in the comfort of my own home. However,…

  • Design Work

    New Year Redesign

    Ever since I redesigned my shop, I’ve been trying to find the time to make my blog match. I had to wait until my Christmas holidays but now it’s done, yay! It’s…

  • Design Work, Me Me Me

    Hello Laptop

    I got a new laptop at the weekend and this is pretty much how it appears in my eyes. My old laptop had grown slow and annoying but I was used to…

  • Design Work

    New Packaging

    One of my biggest problems is packaging. I am never happy with it. Packaging has a few issues to solve – it needs to protect the item, it needs to look pretty…

  • Design Work

    Choose your favourite

    There’s a bit on my shop homepage where you can click on your favourite character to see all the products they feature on, and I’ve had a hard time deciding who to…

  • Design Work, News

    Exciting Shop Changes

    Have I mentioned lately how much I love Shopify? As a shop owner, web designer and coder, they just keep geting more and more awesome. Two new features have been launched recently…

  • Design Work

    Day in the Life

    Seems I underestimated you and at least one of my readers is crazy awesome enough to stay up all night to see my new blog banners! Thanks to Mike, you can all…