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Sorry for the lack of posting. My time is still very much taken up with finishing off my collection of purses for the Gifted exhibition. I’ve only got one left to do and I’m looking forward to getting them delivered so I can work on some new projects. Of all the things I make, the fabric purses are the most enjoyable and so it hasn’t been too much of a chore to make so many in one go but it will be good to move on and try out some new things knowing I can make some mistakes and it won’t matter.

My next dabblings look like being print related. As you may or may not know, I am a printmaking graduate but I haven’t really done any printing since leaving art school nearly ten years ago as it’s so hard without access to a print studio. However, I ordered a Japanese Gocco printing machine a few months ago and it seems to be the answer to my prayers. I finally started printing with it at the weekend and it’s amazing! So quick and simple and clean but the prints are beautifully textured, kind of similar to lino prints. It really is lots of fun and I’m brimming with ideas. Most will have to wait til I get back from Japan fully restocked with screens, bulbs and inks though. Idid take lots of photos of the process though which I’ll be posting up very soon.


I also finally bought an inkjet printer after nearly two years without any kind of home printer and that has also been a bit of a revelation. I’d forgotten how great it is to be able to test out ideas and make templates. I’ve been doing some prototypes for card sets and notecards and packaging so expect to see more of that very soon.

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