Christmas Tote Bags


I like to make some special handmade gifts for my nearest and dearest come Christmas-time. I never get to go and see my family due to a mix of work, lack of holiday allowance, distance and terrible festive train service. This year I made some silly tote bags which were a mix of in-jokes and other nonsense. Above is the BOO bag I made for my sister. She likes Boo from Nintendo games and also cute ghosts saying BOO is great for any reason.


This was made for Jo from Miso Funky. It’s a bat dreaming of sunshine. Jo likes things with faces. It saddens me slightly that most bats never see sunshine but this one seems fairly happy about it. Maybe he accidentally saw the sun one day and it was such a great experience he is always thinking about how great the sun is. Or maybe that is how he imagines the sun would look if he ever saw it. So many questions.


Finally, this is….well, an octopus dreaming of a donut. This was for Claire from Miso Funky with whom I spend a lot of time idly bouncing ideas around while at our day jobs. Once we got going with ideas for future Animal Dreams bags you can imagine where it all led. And thus there is an octopus dreaming of a donut. A donut with pink sparkly sprinkles, I hope you notice. He looks slightly bewildered about the whole scenario. Maybe he meant to dream about something else but it keeps coming back round to donuts. I think we can all empathise with that.

They were all made using freezer paper stencils, fabric paint, felt and a lot of hand-stitching. Hopefully I will find the time to make some slightly less silly ones for the shop soon. There is still one solitary Animal Dreams bag in the shop just now featuring a dog dreaming of a bone.

What Animal Dreams bags would YOU like to see? Feel free to leave a comment!

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