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It’s almost time for me to pack up and leave my desk job (who am I kidding – I have packed up everything already!) and start my new life as a freelance artist/designer. How long this will last is anyone’s guess but I hope to have a good crack at it before my savings run out.

You may think I’ve been idle these past weeks and I’ve certainly been taking things a little easier as the horrible weather of late has not been encouraging my creativity. However, I have been making little changes here and there that have been a long time coming.

» The Tokyo Shopping Guide index has been updated with a list of awesome online shops that sell Japanese stuff, particularly fabric, gocco, craft books etc. I have used most of them personally and heartily recommend them but don’t blame me if your purse starts emptying!

» I’ve built a new page in the shop with all the little gift guides I’ve created in the past few months so they’re easy to find. If you need ideas for a gift for your sweetheart or your mother, want to see the cutest stuff in stock or the cheapest then it’s all at your fingertips. I’ll be adding a few more gift guides in the next while. I’ll also be updating the design of the shop to match the rest of my website.

» Less excitingly, I now have a proper Returns Policy and the FAQs and shipping info pages have been updated too. Worth a read to know what’s what. I’m always looking to improve things so if you’ve got any feedback or suggestions about your order I’d love to hear it, good or bad!

» There’s also a new updated Site Map to help you find the page you want more quickly.

» If you’re interested in my other life, we just relaunched my independent music website diskant. It now has a fully-featured combined blog at the heart of things and we’ll be updating a lot more regularly. Do have a look – diskant is 10 years old this summer!

I’ll be back soon to share some of my plans for my first month of freedom. In the meantime, enjoy February 29th – you won’t get another one for four years after all!

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