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Pillowcase Dress

I made a dress! Okay, maybe more of a tunic top but still a wearable dress-like piece of clothing. I think this definitely illustrates that my problem in past months has not been a lack of ideas, a lack of motivation or a lack of money but just a lack of TIME. This is my very first proper day of self-employment and already I have achieved more than in most months.

Pillowcase DressAnyway, the secret to this very very quick dress/tunic top is that it is made out of a pillowcase! Is there anything you can’t do with a pillowcase? I think not. I got a full double duvet set in the IKEA bargain corner last year for £3 which bizarrely refuses to fit my IKEA double duvet but it is lots of fabric for £3. It’s best not to ask how I discovered this, but my torso does fit inside an average sized pillowcase. I really am a tiny hobbit.

All I had to do was cut some holes for my arms and head, hem them and thencut a bit off the bottom to get rid of the flap and hem it. This was only supposed to be a prototype before I ruined one of my lovely vintage pillowcases but it worked so well I finished it off properly. The neckline was a little too wide so I folded a pleat at the front and added a couple of the awesome vintage buttons I got in the post last week to hold it together. I think it looks great!

Of course, having started this at the weekend, it is now snowing so not quite the season for thin spring green flowery tunic tops but I would much rather have snow so I’m not complaining!

Pillowcase dress

Edit: There is a now a tutorial for making your own Pillowcase Dress

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