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Coffee set

Don’t you love a good charity shop rummage? My favourites are the ones stuffed with randomness from floor to ceiling and managed by lovely gossipy pensioners who will happily sell you a bag of stuff for £1. The big name charity shops are too clean and well-organised for my liking so one needs to travel out of the cities these days to find the real treasures. I visited pretty much every charity shop in Moray and Aberdeenshire last week and here are just a few of the things I picked up. Above is one of my favourites – a set of pyrex coffee cups with a lovely bright flower pattern.

Felt Flower Box

I think my favourite charity shop find ever! A felt covered box with beautiful flower embroidery and about 8″ in size. I think it will be a perfect storage place for my vintage ribbons. I know you will all hate me when I tell you this cost me just £1!

Click through for more loveliness.

Red suitcase

The most perfect suitcase ever. It’s surprisingly roomy, has an awesome elasticated bit in the lid and is bright red. I got this for £1 too!

Crochet Coaster

I think this is so sweet and it seems to be handmade. It’s a crocheted doily but it fits perfectly over a round piece of acrylic plastic so you can use it as a coaster or pot rest. As if I would spoil such a pretty piece of crochet!

Covered buckles

I am dying to get stuck into these covered buckle sets. I am allergic to some metals so most belt buckles give me a rash. I can’t wait to make a cute fabric bunny buckle belt to match my bunny buttons! I got a whole stack of vintage sewing supplies in one shop.

Pyrex dish

Awesome Dutch pyrex casserole dishes. My mum found three of these in different sizes in different shops! They are off to Miso Funky soon along with piles of other awesomeness I picked up for them. Keep an eye on their shop!

As always, there are lots more photos on my Flickr. I didn’t want to overwhelm you with my haul of awesomeness.

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