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New gocco print

New gocco print

This is my newest gocco print, all finished. This batch were just test prints to make sure I’d worked out the registration and colours correctly. The next batch will be on cards once I find somewhere that stocks the colour I want. Since it was just a short test batch, I couldn’t be bothered mixing up the colour of ink I wanted for the kimono and instead thought I would try out a technique mentioned in the gocco manual, of adding different inks directly to the screen and seeing how they mix together. I thought it might echo the pattern of a real kimono. I’m quite pleased with the results though the colours are a little too bright. I’ll probably try this again in a more subtle way next time.

gocco registration

I also used a new registration technique as suggested by on the Flickr Gocco group. This group is so helpful if you have any questions at all about gocco. I can almost guarantee your answer is already there! This registration idea uses a sheet of acetate taped to the side so you can print onto it and then pull it over each print to check the placement. It really saved me from throwing out half my prints from bad registration. There are even better suggestions on that thread now so take a look!

I’d also like to re-state my claim about the gocco being the cleanest form of printing ever. I am doing this on my bedroom carpet without even putting newspaper down. The worst that happened was a couple of ink smudges on one finger.

New gocco print

I ended up with a small edition of 12 prints which I have now signed and numbered and packaged in cello bags. We have plans for special goody bags at Made in the Shade and these will be my donation. From what I hear, it’s definitely going to be worth your while getting down to the market early.

As I say, I will be doing more of these in different colour combinations – I will let you know when they’re finished.

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