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What have I been making?


A few things I have been working on recently. Above is a very silly bag (srsly!). I had a spare kitty bag left over from Christmas present making so I thought it really needed to be made into a LOLcat bag. And so I did. Cutting the srsly letters out of felt was ridiculously complicated but I really like how the letters look. I’m sure I will continue the lettering theme in some way. I do have a stack of bags sitting under the stairs after all. I did all the sewing at the GCM Market the other weekend and I am keeping this one for myself!

charm practice

My fellow mafioso Tracey and Jo gave me a quick tutorial in bead wire jewellery….stuff at the mafia social last week and here are my solo attempts. I was actually doing something similar out of my own head with the charms for the polka dot purses but with my huge clunky pliers. Tracey gave me some real jewellery pliers and that makes it about a billion times easier. The two beads on the right I got from a lovely bead shop in Amsterdam and you will be seeing more of these very soon. Okay, sometime fairly soon.

Today, I have been gocco printing for the first time since my Christmas cards (which I did so hurriedly I never even photographed them!). I will show you the finished prints tomorrow once they have dried and I can scan them. In the meantime, here is a little sneak peek at the first test print for the first screen. I’m sure you can guess what it’s going to be!

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