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I do love the internet. I opened my big mouth a few weeks ago and rashly expressed my wish to bake Shopify a cake, never thinking they might be reading and hold me to it. But they did and kept at me until I had no choice but to actually make them a cake. Since they’re based in Canada I couldn’t send them an actual cake so a felt one was the obvious answer. He’s now arrived, as you can see here. However, Cakeify is no ordinary cake, oh no.

Yes, Cakeify is a two-faced finger puppet, in the nicest possible way. When me and Claire worked together at Unmentionable Internet Company, we used to use our finger puppets to explain things to fellow employees. On one memorable occasion, Mr Bunny and Mr T explained in detail the way that our reseller system worked. After that, the threat of “shall I have to get Mr Bunny to explain it?” soon silenced any future questions. Being able to just turn the sad face on someone would have been even better so I hope the Shopify team have fun with their Cakeify.


Here’s my original sketch for Cakeify. He actually turned out very similar though I decided against the arms and legs once I’d thoroughly annoyed myself with that cherry. Anyway, HURRAH for Shopify, the only internet service I have ever made a cake for. It really is that good!

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