Gocco experiments

I love buttons

Well, here is one of my new gocco prints. If you remember the button drawings I did the other month, I finally got around to doing something with them. I have a plan for them involving kraft paper so this was a test print to see how the ink showed up. I think it’s looking great so I will be pressing ahead with that plan. The ink is a little thick on this print because it’s actually fabric ink. My main gocco experiment was printing on fabric and I was so pleased that it all worked out so well first time.


Isn’t the texture of the ink just lovely? I only messed up on two prints, trying to get the right thickness of protective paper underneath the fabric. For future reference, one sheet of printer paper is just fine. I just used a normal gocco screen and printed using the gocco printer with fabric ink I got in Japan. Cleaning the screens is even less fun than with paper ink though.

I will let you see a full picture of what exactly I was printing on once I get some proper photos taken. I have lots more gocco things planned so I hope to find some time for that next week.

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