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Gocco Book Hearts

Well, what else was I going to make with my misprints? No sense letting them go to waste. These are the same as my washi book hearts – thin metal heart-shaped bookmarks covered in paper on both sides. The difference of course, is that these feature sections of my vintage button prints in various colours on brown kraft paper. I love the patterns the lines make and the way they fit the heart shape so nicely.

As an avid book reader, I really do recommend these – for the first time in my life I am no longer using old cinema stubs as bookmarks – the book hearts make it so much easier to find your page and, even better, I don’t lose them while I’m reading.

Gocco book heart

Anyway, you can get a random set of 2 in the shop for just £1 or buy any notebook and get a book heart free. If you want a gocco one with your notebook let me know as usually I pick whatever matches best.

I also had the staggeringly exciting discovery of green kraft paper when I was in Staples getting some photocopying done so I am hoping to squeeze in some more gocco printing soon.

And mailing list folks awaiting their free package o’ fun – I am putting them together now! I was just waiting for my new discount cards which are super cute.

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