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If you’ve ever had a good browse in the shop, you’ve probably noticed the mysterious Music and Records collection. It doesn’t seem to fit too well with the rest of my wares until you realise Asking For Trouble was originally a record label! When I started making crafty things, it made sense to use the same name, especially since one of the major aims of the label was to make hand-crafted short-run records, so everything I sell is still handmade with love and care.

Asking For Trouble the label has only had one release so far but I’ve been expanding the selection of music on offer in the shop recently by including other releases by the bands I worked with since they all share a love of DIY packaging. Just in this week are two releases by Sunnyvale Noise Sub-element from Oxford – their debut album in standard but beautifully designed packaging, and their recent CD EP of remixes and live tracks which is packaged in a folded cardboard box with stickers and even the innards of a cassette.

Also in the shop are releases by Uter (whom I have been known to play keyboards for) – a very limited edition split CDR with econoline, each of which has a hand-drawn molecule inside for you to ponder, and a bright orange hand-stamped 7″ single.

And the main attraction is my one and only release – two 7″ vinyl records packaged in a reel box with inserts, zine and unique mystery found object. The records featured Sunnyvale, Uter and two bands from the USA – A Roman Scandal and Denim & Diamonds. It’s really good and there are still some amazing objects left to be discovered! I have a few hopes and plans tucked up my sleeve so if all works out there may be more music for you soon.

Anyway, thanks to the wonder of MySpace you can listen to all these bands before committing yourself to any purchases. Enjoy!

Sunnyvale Noise Sub-element
A Roman Scandal
Denim and Diamonds

Sunnyvale are also playing at the diskant ten year anniversary party of course!

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