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Vintage Button Brooches

I feel like I’m some kind of button obsessive sometimes. If you did one of those word cloud things on my shop I bet button would be pretty prominent. Anyway, I whipped up a new batch of vintage button brooches the other day. My stock was getting to the stage where parting with more than one at a time was getting hard so the only thing to do is make more so I can transfer my love to the new ones in a fickle manner. Some of these will be going to a new stockist and the others are in the shop right now!

Vintage Button Brooch

I also spent a bit of time re-photographing all my brooches in situ. My flatmate handily owns a shop mannequin bust thing so it was actually very easy. They all look great against my grey corduroy coat and hopefully it gives a better idea of the scale without having to read the description first. I think this green one is my current favourite.

Also, in button news, remember this?

It’s been sitting in my DO SOMETHING WITH THIS STUFF SOON box* since I made it so I figured I may as well just put in the shop, here. It’s at a bargain price of £5 since it’s a prototype and ever so slightly wonky. I don’t plan to make any more of these until thicker fabrics are available (and even then…) so it’s your only chance!

I am working on a couple of other exciting things involving buttons but sadly I am a dullard when it comes to jewellery findings and keep buying the wrong stuff. I am fairly confident I have bought what I actually want now but I’ll have to wait for it to arrive in the post before I can show you anything.

FINALLY, exciting news to come on Monday. If you’re on my mailing list, you already know what this is. Wish you’d joined now, huh? You should learn from this terrible mistake and join up now using the form on your right :)

* I will show you this sometime

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