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Day in the Life

I was going to join in Day in the Life yesterday but it was a boring work-filled no-mail bank holiday so here instead are some pictures from my day’s work.

This was not staged. I think chocolate tofu pillow is talking about some kind of large fish he caught. Onigiri pillow is pretending to be impressed but knows it’s all made up. Carrot-san is just over-excitable.

Tray of things to do. I wish my bunny charms would arrive for the keyrings.

I am in love with this button. It’s so glossy!

My oh so professional product photography setup.

Six finished brooches in the grainy evening light. The rest are all done now too so hopefully I will get them all properly photographed tomorrow.

Here also, for your amusement, are all the terrible band names I spotted throughout my day
1. Creaky Boards
2. Starskee
3. I’m Fresh! You’re Pretty!
4. Oh Snap!
5. Megapuss
6. Extra Drowsy Formula

The joys of being a music website editor.

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