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Thank You!

Thank you!

Big thanks to everyone who bought stuff from me this year. It was really fun having a proper holiday sales rush with orders right up to the last minute! If you ordered after the shipping deadline I will probably be getting most things in the post tomorrow. I’ve been using Christmas gift tags as thank you notes so I needed something different for the new year. I just received a ton of ancient stationery supplies so I got the stampers out and made these. I love that bunny.

Thank you!

I had a really good Christmas break, managing to spend some time with most of the family for the first time in years. It didn’t feel very festive as the weather was unseasonably warm but we did our best. I’m a bit envious of all the blog posts with chocolate box snow scenes, amazing decorations, perfect trees, family traditions and recipes. I don’t have much of that but here are some photos:

Bunny-san finger puppet

I took the opportunity of holiday time to make finger puppets of Bunny and Panda from Super Cute Kawaii. Bunny came out great but then I got Picross for my DS and poor Panda never got finished.

Two of my other favourite gifts – a cookie made by She Likes Cute and a bunny hole punch. I really needed a single hole punch as well. Amazing!


My surprise gift for Nicolette – I got her jellyfish cut out of acrylic at the same time as my bunnies. He came out brilliantly and everyone seemed impressed. It does look just like her ghost jelly.

Christmas tree

Our Christmas tree was a bit lame this year as we really couldn’t be bothered. I put the tree up about 2 days before I left and Alasdair decorated it while I was away. The only addition this year was an angel topper that I traded from Nic. Otherwise, it’s the same bunch of San-X ornaments from Tokyo and other random stuff.

Christmas tree

Hope you had a good one. See you in 2009!

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