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First new product of 2009

Goodness, I didn’t think it would take almost three weeks into the new year for me to get a new product in the shop but I really have been swamped with web design work. I’m lucky to be able to work on interesting websites for other artist/crafters but there is nothing like working on your own stuff.

I’m sure you all remember Cakeify (if not, read about him here) and maybe also his happy band of equally cute and tasty friends. I drew his friends randomly in my sketchbook one evening and they still make me laugh a lot so I thought they would make a cute badge set. A bit of scanning, re-touching and colouring and they are all done! I debated at length whether to make a third friend for Cakeify (there was a dodgy donut I could have worked up) but I am too fond of grumpy Cakeify so he had to go in. Who doesn’t want to wear a grumpy cupcake badge anyway?

As always, the badges are bagged as a gift set with their own special tags. Each tag features a random member of the gang so who knows which one you’ll get?

They’re available now in the shop, and on Etsy, Folksy and Super Cute Kawaii by the end of the day. Hurray!

Incidentally, if you’re interested in seeing more of my design work, I keep a Tumblr updated as part of my art and design portfolio.

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