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Look! I’ve been doing some colouring in. Anyone who has ever printed will understand the need to print on anything you can lay your hands on rather than waste the ink left on the screen, which is why I ended up with just one solitary gocco printed Cakeify notebook (and one single Cakeify brown paper bag which a lucky customer just received).

Anyway, I wasn’t very sure what to do with it until I spotted my box of colouring pencils.


I have been in a very uninspired mood lately (I blame the weather and also my postman who hates me and will not bring any of the mail I am awaiting) – in art school we were taught the best way to shake yourself up was to switch medium. So after all the Illustrator work of late, I dug out my pencils and sketchbook. I have absolutely nothing of worth to show for it but it did get my brain going on a few exciting new projects, and now a Cakeify notebook too!


These are my favourite pencils and none of them are Caran D’ache, despite what the tin says. The top one is a chinagraph pencil which are so much fun to draw with. The girl in my blog banner is drawn with one.  They’re for drawing on glass etc. so you can pretty much draw on anything (I like tracing paper). Also, pulling the string and unwinding the paper round the pencil part is enormous fun. According to Wikipedia, they are made of made of colored hardened grease. Mmm, nice. Then again, I also enjoy drawing with etching grounds.

etching ball

Isn’t that packaging amazing? Inside is a circular slab of dark waxy stuff which you melt on to metal etching plates to protect the areas you don’t want to be etched. It’s also basically a big crayon. And it has my name on it because this is still left over from my art school days where everyone else in your class had exactly the same supplies.

Do you have any interesting drawing tools?

Oh, and the Cakeify notebook is in the shop, if you fancy it :)

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