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So this is cool. Above is my handwriting made into a font by this free font creator. Thanks to Tizzalicious for the heads up. It came out pretty good, though when I write words in real life my letters are very joined up, which is hard work to figure out in a font. You can see this better in my signature, which you also get to add as part of the font. This is not my actual real life signature but how I sign my artwork. Do you have a separate signature for artwork?


Interestingly, when filling out the letters, I went straight from w to y, missing out x entirely and then did exactly the same thing with the upper case letters. I must have some subconscious fear of X. Luckily, I was able to correct them in Photoshop before uploading it. I might fiddle with things a little bit more to make letters a bit more even in size as a handwriting font would actually be very useful for me. Anyway, If you’ve got a printer & scanner, or a graphics tablet then you can have a go as well, and do let us see the results!

Also on the writing front, I have some Japanese fabric notebooks back in stock. I know lots of people love the fun bunnies (and so do I!) so now’s your chance to pick one up. Get them in the shop!

Fabric Notebooks

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