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I Still Love Buttons

buttons purse

It’s been a while but I was inspired to sew up a batch of new fabric purses for the shop. As well as the usual kawaii Japanese fabric ones, I decided to use up the last bit of my Spoonflower button fabric. Two of these purses will be available and the buttons are actual buttons from the drawings! You can see this one is the big button on the bottom right of the purse.

The hand-sewing is the time consuming part so expect the others to pop up over the next couple of weeks. I can promise you there will be bunnies, deer, cherries and ocean sunfish!

button fabric

I’ve always wanted to offer the button fabric for sale but have never had the ready cash to buy up a few yards. So, as a stopgap, the fabric is available for custom order. That is, I will place an order for you with Spoonflower and the fabric will be sent directly to your doorstep. It’s not ideal, as it can take a few weeks for the printing but for our US friends, it will work out cheaper this way as the postage is less! If you hop on over to the shop, you can buy fat quarters and yards, hurray.

I haven’t forgotten about my resolution to design twelve new fabric patterns this year – hopefully I can offer some of them in the same way. I will at least get swatches printed before offering them for sale so you’re not buying blind.

I love buttons

And finally, I’ve set up an I Love Buttons collection in the shop as all the button things look awesome together. Hurray for buttons.

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