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My desk

This week I have mostly been working at my desk due to an annoyingly frustrating issue with my wireless network which means I can only get a connection in certain parts of the house. Working at my desk would seem like where I would usually be but my RSI wrist does not like desks at all. It’s a shame really as I like having a desk and this one hardly ever gets used – it normally holds my sewing machine plus a pile of random stuff I haven’t decided what to do with yet. Also, to be entirely honest, this is by far the tidiest part of my room which is badly in need of a Springtime clearout.

I’m really enjoying my little desk holiday though, getting to look at my little bits of art, having Cakeify & friends on hand for squishing and being able to print things without dragging my laptop around the room. Maybe I will try and use it every now and again as my wrist permits. If you click through to Flickr, I’ve added notes on what stuff is.

Cutie Fruity Friends badges

The whole desk thing means I have been doing lots of non-internet things and not telling you about them. The Cutie Fruity Friends badge sets are now in the shop and making me rather happy. I’ve also done the Illustrator versions so I’ll post them up soon for you to see.


My new stationery order arrived which included these Prettify sticky note testers. It doesn’t seem possible to get even borders so these will need a little bit of reworking but you can get a prototype cheap in the shop!

m le bun

And finally, some Monsieur Le Bun cards so you can wish your friends Bonjour! If you haven’t met Monsieur Le Bun yet, you’re in for a treat. He posts regularly on Super Cute Kawaii as only a French iced bun with a rudimentary understanding of the English language can. Magnifique!

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