Summer Projects

Jammie Dodger mug

I don’t know about you but it is stupidly hot here. It takes about two hours to cool down after every 15 minutes of activity so I am not getting much done. Clearly, being in close proximity to a hot laptop is not the sort of fun I’ve been looking for, but that does mean I’ve been playing around with some new toys.

Hopefully I will have more to show you soon but here’s a little peek at one project – drawing on mugs! I have mugs available on Zazzle but they are kinda spendy so I’m trying to create some cheaper ones, and they’ll be hand-drawn to boot! I still need to go through the oven baking and dishwasher testing parts and that is not going to happen while this heatwave is on. More pics soon though! And if you’re interested, I got the pens from which is not the prettiest of sites but they give brilliant service.

Jammie Dodger pincushion

I can also finally show you this Jammie Dodger pincushion I made. It was a special request and turned out pretty cute I think! I will probably add this to the shop soon as a custom order.

Okay, I need to go fan myself some more now. Monthly update coming soon once my brain un-melts enough for me to remember what books I read.

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