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End of the month update: July

Angel Bunny in Oban

Hurray, I am back from my holidays! I had so much fun, I plan to bore you all with the details for the next week or so. In the meantime, you can check out all my photos on Flickr. I’ve still got more to add but the first half of the week is up. Will be picking a giveaway winner very soon too so hurry up if you want to enter!

And here’s what else I got up to.

Books I enjoyed

I started far too many books this month and now have about 4 books with a couple of chapters left to read. Tsk.

The Shadow Rising by Robert Jordan
Still enjoying this series. Still tons to go.

Good things I watched

Nothing! Unless you count the dozen videos from the LOST panel at Comic Con which were highly entertaining. Is it 2010 yet?

Projects completed

– New stuff in my Zazzle shop
Cakeify mugs and lots of new stationery

Interesting new blogs in my RSS

My Milk Toof (very pleased to have been reminded of this adorably cute site)
Woo Work (best crochet site ever, via SCK)
My Folk Lover (such pretty artwork)
Jempins (one of new co-workers makes cool stuff too, yay!)
Bunny Farm (kawaii and bunnies!)
I Heart Japan (cool new Japan blog)
Shut Up Bands (hilarious, and why I bin 90% of my diskant mail)

Exciting things I purchased

– Lots of handmade chocolate from The Chocolate Shop in Oban
– Some Chocolate Lime biscuits from Oban.
– A pile of vintage pillowcases from a charity shop on Mull
– Six secondhand books from Oban and Mull (how the hell did that happen?!)
– Gardening Mama for my DS. Enjoying it A Lot.
– Cute Japanese zine from Talk To The Sun
– Lovely hand-knitted laptop cover from Black Eyed Sheep for my dad’s birthday
– Lots of new kawaii for the SCK shop

Musical Rediscoveries

As before, awesome stuff I have rediscovered in my epic iTunes Library Relistening project. I’m up to the 3 minute songs now.

Coping Saw
I’m Being Good
Gay Against You
Urusei Yatsura
The Bodines

Online sales

Items sold on Shopify: 12
Items sold on Etsy: 0
Items sold on Folksy: 14
Items sold on Dawanda: 5

I made my 100th sale on Folksy while I was away! Very pleased about that as I do love Folksy a lot and the addition of Anne to the team has done wonders in the last couple of weeks. Etsy + Summer = rubbish for me. I think it was around this time last year I nearly gave up on my Etsy shop. It better pick up soon. Everywhere else was fine, considering I was on holiday for a week.


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