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Pear Pouch

Happy Pear mobile pouch

The one bad thing about my trip to Oban was that sometime during the week I lost my bunny phone pouch. I made it years ago by accident and it was a perfect fit so I was pretty gutted but I figured the silver lining was that I get to buy a cute new pouch! Except there are so many cute phone pouches online I couldn’t decide what to buy at all.

So, I picked up a piece of  felt I’d been stamping on and decided to just whip one up myself for now. It’s just two pieces of felt blanket-stitched together with a popper on the back but it turned out really cute! I might make some more of these as it was a fun way to pass the time at Duckstock on Sunday.

new stall setup

I did pretty well at both markets and thought you might like to see some new bits to my stall setup. My favourite new thing is above in the middle with the Hello cards – it’s a plate display that I, um, acquired and is perfect for stacking up my different cards for people to flick through.

new stall setup

Displaying all my badge sets has always been a nightmare but I finally came up with this solution on Friday night – it’s just a picture frame with the glass removed and the backing covered in fabric (stapled round the back). I just stapled on one of each pack and everyone can see what’s on offer at a glance. Sorry for the grainy photo by the way, it was horribly rainy in the morning.


And here are my mugs on display, along with the plushy toys and mini bags. That’s a bathroom shelving thing. In fact, all my stall stuff is discount homewares and cardboard boxes. It all has to fit in my suitcase after all, or I’d never get it on the bus.

There’s more photos of all of this on my Flickr.

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