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September 12th

This is me today, utterly knackered. I’ve been all over the East End collecting packages in the unexpectedly blazing sun! Myself and Claire have been secretly organising a special new product range and waiting very impatiently for that box to arrive. I finally got a letter saying it was at the post office, a letter which arrived TEN MINUTES before the PO closed for the weekend. Hence my very pink cheeks!

I can’t show you what was in the box quite yet but I can show you two new products I’ve been working on that are now available.


Coasters! This is version 5 – I tried printing on card, stamping on card, painting on watercolour paper and finally decided on a painted style print on watercolour paper. And then got the colours all wrong. But I am very very happy with them now – the colours are lovely and bright and they have a nice texture. You can buy them singly or get the whole gang ready for tea time.


And square coasters! These have a piece of my Spoonflower fabric sandwiched inside so they’re all slightly different. I hope you like!

They’re both available in my shop and will be on Folksy, Etsy etc. very soon too.

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