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End of the month update: November

Pirate Bunny!

Busy busy month! I feel like I barely stopped at all and I haven’t done my monthly accounts yet or anything. Mostly due to Christmas shopping on my shops and SCK, which has swallowed up entire days with packing and shipping, plus the beginning of my epic craft fair season. Halp! But at least I got a pirate bunny!

Books I enjoyed

Lords of Chaos/A Crown of Swords by Robert Jordan

I was going to take a break after these but I already got a hold of the next two! I’ll regret it though as there’s still two books yet to be published and I’ll forget everything that happened. Here’s hoping they don’t get dragged out for another ten years (a la George RR Martin)

Silverthorn/A Darkness at Sethanon by Raymond E Feist

These were terrible and I really have no idea why I kept going, except maybe in the hope that they’d get better. Which they did in like, the last 3 chapters of the final book. Really, they could have just condensed book 2 into a couple of chapters and tacked that on the beginning of book 3. Waste of time!

Good things I watched

Nothing particularly good – LoveFilm, get your act together and stop sending me stuff from the bottom of my list! Srsly, the vouchers have been better than the films this month – free pizza!

Projects completed

Kit designs for Miso Funky
New brooches

And, again, several million things yet to be made public by the client. Wait and see!

Interesting new blogs in my RSS

Sashiko Started It (another Tokyo travel blog find – the best thing about doing my zine!)
Girl-e Glasgow (Glasgow shopping blog)
Destructoid (an actually good gaming news site – joy!)

Exciting things I purchased

– an iPhone! (though no-one has actually made me pay for anything yet)
– rather a lot of iPhone apps
– Loads of kawaii for the SCK shop from various places in London
– New slippers rom Muji (so comfy!)
– a plushy gall bladder from I Heart Guts for Claire to replace her real one :) (after someone got here searching for that!)
– surprises for Christmas gifts!
– and the adorable Pirate Bunny above, though technically I traded for him with Claire of Cute Plush. I wuv him.

Musical Rediscoveries

I haven’t really been listening to anything new this month – too busy for distractions!

Online sales

Items sold on Shopify: 21
Items sold on Etsy: 16
Items sold on Folksy: 23
Items sold on Dawanda: 15

Started off a bit slow but it’s getting busy now!


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