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Hello 2010

Me and Totoro at the bus stop

We may have got off on the wrong foot but I am determined not to fall out with 2010 because a) there’s a lot of it left and b) 2010 sounds cool.

Last year I made some resolutions which weren’t entirely successful, though I don’t feel guilty about not completing them as I did pretty well and other exciting things got in the way and filled up my time. I’m sure the same thing will happen again this year but I do have some goals and ambitions for 2010, which I will post here in case I forget them or have a boring Sunday that needs filling. They’re purposely vague :)

1. Organise trip to Japan and have an amazing time!
2. Make more zines (since I made zero last year, more would be at least one)
3. Make more fabric patterns and get them up for sale on Spoonflower
4. Keep doing my monthly updates on this blog
5. Streamline my Etsy/Folksy/DaWanda shops to have the same product range.
6. Print something new on my gocco
7. Visit a trade show for inspiration and possible future attendance
8. Try and do a craft market in London
9. Write some more useful posts, eg, guides, tutorials, travel, reviews etc.
10. Try and complete my Big 5 Projects.

My Big 5 Projects are mostly product ideas but I don’t want to share the details in case they turn out to be impractical or rubbish, or someone else makes the same thing, by design or coincidence. I will keep you posted though!

(Photo is me with Totoro from our first trip to Japan, back in 2006 – I can’t wait to go back this Autumn!)

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