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Ooh, Claire has tagged me to do this:

1: Open your first photo folder, 2: scroll to the 10th photo, 3: Post the photo and the story behind it, 4: Tag 5 or more peeps to continue the thread…

I trusted the task to iPhoto as it looks after most of my photos these days and it came up with that one. Clearly, I didn’t take it as that is me. I can’t actually remember who did take it – sorry, uncredited photographer.

I have just checked our extensive gigography page and this was taken on 12th March 2005 when the band I was in, Üter, headlined at the infamous Winchester Club at the Woodside Social Club in Glasgow. The Winchester was co-run by my flatmate at the time, the incomparable Ally C, so it was easy enough to wheedle our way on to a bill. In fact, we played again the year after on our awesome but doomed tour with econoline – after playing that show, we walked outside to discover Glasgow ankle deep in snow and had to trudge home all the way across town in a blizzard at 2am (LOOK!). This was one of at least FOUR occasions when the arrival of econoline in Glasgow has resulted in freak weather conditions. We can’t handle them.

This show was much less eventful. In fact, I remember very little about it, although I do still have the poster on my door. It’s a terrible photo, technically, but I do like it. I look a bit depressed but probably I was concentrating hard on counting how many times I have to play these 2 notes before changing to 2 different notes. I’m playing the Jen, one of our many vintage keyboards. This was my favourite one because a) I could lift it myself, b) it had lots of knobs and c) it went URRRRRRRRRR.

Also definitive proof that my snowman lights (on the left) were 1000x better than Declan’s weedy fairy lights on the right.

Wow, I can’t believe it’s almost 4 years since our last gig. If you fancy listening to Üter, they hey! guess what?! I have records in my shop :)

Gosh, who to tag?

1. Nicolette of jiji~punch
2. Chloe of Kuro-e
3. Jen of Jempins
4. Catherine of Merulapie
5. Michelle of Covetables.


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