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My Shoes!

Custom Keds Shoes from Zazzle

So, yes, finally! I’m sure you’ve forgotten all about this since it was forever ago, but my custom button shoes arrived yesterday from Zazzle. I have not been having the best luck with shoes these last few months (ironic, since I have been designing rainboots!) so I was glad to find these fitted me perfectly.

Custom Keds Shoes from Zazzle

They came in this nice little Custom Keds shoe bag, though personally I would have preferred a tote bag that says ‘Look at my shoes! I designed them! No, really!’ or something. The colours are perfect and they’re well made, better than my current pair of Keds (from the Eleanor Grosch range). The perfectionist in me thinks the front toe part is not as cleanly printed as the rest but I guess that’s due to the shaping. However, the polka dot insole and red binding make up for any minor quibbles – aren’t they amazing?

Custom Keds Shoes from Zazzle

I would buy another pair, though they do take ages to make and are pretty expensive. It’s pretty awesome knowing that a) I designed them, and b) no-one else has a pair like them. Although, having said that, they are available in my Zazzle shop, along with many other shoe designs.

If you know me in real life, expect me to show you my shoes the next 500 times I see you. And then my rainboots, the other 500 times :)

Speaking of rainboots, thank you for all your kind comments on my announcement! Here are some answers to some of the questions you’ve been asking.

When will they be available?
They’re still in production so it’s impossible to say just now but Summer 2010 looks likely.

Where will they be available?
As far as I know, on the Plueys website and in selected stores. Hopefully in the UK too. I myself will have a few pairs available, if my friends and family don’t take them all!

How many designs are there?
Only one design is currently in production. If they do well, hopefully there will be more. So buy buy buy!


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