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First, big thanks to everyone who voted for me on Spoonflower. Hopefully I’ve made it to the next round, at which point I will be pestering you for votes again :)

I’m currently getting a big bunch of new designs ready to be swatched by Spoonflower so I can put them up for sale. The colour thing has been driving me a bit mental so I’ve ended up making my own palette of safe colours which I’m going to get swatched too so I can see any colour shifts. It’s just too annoying having to order new swatches if the colours are wrong, since they’re in the US. I quite like how it looks as a pattern, though it is eye-bendingly weird if you repeat it over a yard.

Anyway, here’s a sneak peek at some of the new colourways I’m getting printed. Some are colours people have requested and others I might want to buy myself. If you have any other requests do let me know asap and I’ll add them to the list. I can’t put designs up for sale until I swatch them so this is your last chance til I next have a batch of designs to print.

I’m also getting some secret surprise designs printed which I can’t wait to show you, if they work out. I’ll keep you posted!

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