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Some things that aren’t getting a whole post, mainly because of #1.

1. I am off to London this weekend for Pulse and hope to return with some cute finds for Super Cute Kawaii and some idea of whether I can do a trade show myself at some point. Also looking forward to seeing my friends Showpony and bedcrumb‘s displays and products. If you’re exhibiting or visiting give me a shout and maybe we can say hello.

2. I’m going to order the Busy Bee organising pads before I go – thanks for the nice comments! I’ll keep the giveaway open until they arrive so please leave any comments you have about your own to-do lists and you might get one of mine for free.

3. As mentioned briefly in my last post, my next trip to Japan is now all booked, hurray! We’re going from October 29th – November 8th which includes 3 days in Osaka, 1 day in Kyoto and 4 days in Tokyo. We’ll also be there for the Design Festa and having been reading Chickengirl‘s posts about the Spring Design Festa I am even more excited about this. Also, since I never had any plan to do a shopping guide, this will be the first time I actually get to use it myself! Hopefully there will be some additions when I get back.

4. And finally, that bike up there? Yep, it’s mine! I’ve been wanting a folding bike for a while since a) I live across a big park from the City Centre, b) I live up 3 flights of stairs and c) I am tiny. My mum found this one for me and it’s pretty much perfect. And in case you were wondering, no, IKEA don’t make bikes. These are branded Raleigh bikes that IKEA gave to staff as gifts one Christmas! Keep an eye on eBay if you want one.

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