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End of the month update: May

What I Mostly Wore in May

Well, May was a bit odd. Half heatwave and half freezing. Thanks for that. The above looks like I am moaning about the weather – I actually like it being warmer but it was so sudden I wasn’t quite ready for it.

Reading, Watching, Playing

Hello, Please! by Matt Alt and Hiroko Yoda
This is the cutest little book, all about “very helpful super kawaii characters from Japan”. And how. It’s 90% photographs of cute characters used for packaging, manuals, signage, service mascots and more. I recognised a lot of them from my own Japan trips and really think the rest of the world would be improved by having kawaii mascots for the police, customs etc. and using illustrations of freaked out appliances to warn you of the dangers. The text is good too, explaining the history of cute mascots and their usage, plus some insight into those bewilderingly helpful characters who spend their lives encouraging you to eat them. Definitely worth picking up!

Diamonds Are Forever by Ian Fleming
Really liked this one too. Well, who knew.

Okay, USA, what is the deal with having all your tv shows finish at the same time? Fringe season finale, 24 series finale and the end of LOST forever oh noes all in one week was almost more than my heart could cope with. By the time the double bill 24 finale came around I was almost emotionally battered enough to feel sad 24 was ending. Until they just did a cop-out ending that felt more like a season finale, oh LOOK OVER HERE there’s a film coming out, bah. Anyway, for the record; Fringe finale – pretty much perfect, as the whole season has been; LOST – emotionally satisfying enough to take your mind off all the niggling loose ends. S6 needs a rewatch for sures; 24 enjoyably rubbish, which was impressive since about 50% of the season was just rubbish. So, what the heck do I watch now?

iPhone app of the month

Shopify (Free!)
Actually, this is not the greatest app ever invented but I love it just for the little happy dance my iPhone now does every time I get a new order. I’m sure it will become more awesome and fully-featured in future but it’s still pretty handy for checking on my open orders and product inventory.

Resolution update

– JAPAN IS BOOKED. We’re going at the end of October for 10 days, taking in Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo (volcanoes permitting). Can not wait.
– I’m off to Pulse this weekend and can check that off. Really looking forward to it.
– I’m also getting along with one of my Big 5 projects. Hoping to have it done before Japan.

Websites I’ve been enjoying

Zero 2 Illo – lots of good tips if you’re starting out in illustration, or just read the great interview with working illustrators.
–  Inklore – lovely work but particularly notable for the Printmaking 101 series which looks set to be interesting whether you’re all new, or have a degree in it like me.

Things to look forward to in June

– Pulse, as above, and visiting London in general
– getting my BIKE! My mum found me an awesome IKEA folding bike so I can cycle into town :)
– Mafia road trip to Dundee to see the Handmade Nation documentary. If you live in/near Glasgow, you can come with us.

New Product Round-up

Tiny Thank You Cards
Kawaii Volcano Card
10 Days in Tokyo PDF Zine
Vintage Buttons Coaster
Ice Cream Bears birthday card

Online sales

Items sold on Shopify: 30
Items sold on Etsy: 24
Items sold on Folksy: 11
Items sold on Dawanda: 11

Much better, yay.


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