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My Epic Zine Collection: 6 Japanese Words

6 Japanese Words zine

I’ve retitled this section so it makes more sense – welcome to my Epic Zine Collection!

If Easy Pieces was an example of an intricate wordy zine, then here is the opposite end of the spectrum; an 8 page zine folded from a single sheet of A4 paper!

6 Japanese Words zine

Each page features a single Japanese word and its meaning illustrated with a hand-carved rubber stamp. It’s beautifully simple but the illustrations are so sweet, I know I’ll keep going back to it for years.

You can buy your own copy, or some lovely rubber stamps from talktothesun on Etsy.


This is part of a series of posts about my epic zine collection – I’ve been collecting zines for the last 20 years and I plan to write about all of them eventually. You can find all the zine posts under My Epic Zine Collection.

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