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I’m back! I had a really fun mini-break, apart from on the way back when my first train was 7 minutes late on a 9 minute connection. I think my heart rate has just about reset itself 24 hours later. I’m very glad I made my connection as I had no wish to relive the many many hours I spent waiting at Preston station in my youth.

I was very confused by the modern Manchester until I hit Piccadilly Gardens and then it all came back to me – by the evening I was back dodging trams like a pro. It’s nice that while things have changed a lot, it’s still pretty much the same. Anyway, here’s some stuff I did.

I stayed at the City Inn, which was pretty awesome and right next to the station. I even had a shiny new iMac in my room for computerising and TV! It was pretty handy for looking up places and relisting things on Folksy, especially as the wifi was a bit dodgy for my iPhone. I spent quite a lot of time in my hotel room I have to say – I did come for a rest after all. The bed was ginormous as well and the free biscuits were very nice. Would definitely go back.


Manchester Art Gallery
I was planning on going to the Craft and Design Centre and the Chinese Art Gallery but both places were closed on Sunday.  I find that a bit bizarre since Sunday is traditionally gallery/museum day. Oh well. Instead I went to the Manchester Art Gallery which I liked a lot. Nice little Manchester history section, a fun interactive area and a fantastic exhibition of photography by Dorothy Bohm. Oh, and a brilliant craft and design section which had a ginormous ceramic pineapple. Free too.

The Manchester Wheel
Massive ferris wheel in the city centre. I didn’t go on it but I did gravitate towards it quite a few times. I love ferris wheels. I’m pretty happy these days if I can find somewhere nice to sit and read a book.


Piccadilly Gardens
So I also spent a fair bit of time here. I liked checking up on the fountain area which has a load of jets that go off randomly. There was always at least 3 people of all ages running around in it whatever the time or weather.

Other than that, I mostly wandered around just enjoying looking at stuff. I’m easily pleased, especially if it’s a place full of good memories.

More photos on my Flickr. Apologies for the Hipstamatic overload but I’m starting to prefer having these impressionist memories of places rather than 700 true to life photos. I will try and get over this by JAPAN though, promise.

Next: shopping!

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