Zine Workshop Madness

Zine Workshop

It’s all happening now. I actually had a dream last night in which not only did I forget to bring the zines to the zine workshop, but all the stuff for making zines as well. Aaargh! This is now making me take my preparations 100x more seriously for fear of doing something equally stupid in real life.

Anyway, the zine workshop is this Sunday and I really hope some of you can make it along. I’ve been putting together a pretty awesome selection of zines from my massive collection, ranging from tiny hand-drawn things to full-on glossy magazines. I only wish I could bring everything, but I’m only one small person and this stuff is heavy. It’s going to be quite a relaxed event so even if you can only pop in for half an hour, it will still be worth it!

let's make zines!

I’ve also just about finished a little zine about zinemaking which everyone will be getting a free copy of, and I can reveal there may very well be free badges too! Plus I’ll be bringing along my other zines to sell, plus copies of Katy’s Answers on a Postcard series, and Welcome Home will have lots of lovely zines and books on offer including Jen’s.

If you can’t make it, then don’t worry – I’ll be making the freebie zine available afterwards and will be expanding it into a bigger and better zine which will also be part of a fun new project. Ooooh! All will be revealed on Sunday, and then here too once I recover. Right, back to work!

PS. you can RSVP here on Facebook.

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