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New Zazzle Shoes!

Zazzle shoes!

Apologies for the continuing blog silence – September has been so busy and all my spare time has been spent pleading with couriers to go the extra mile and actually deliver stuff to me. But let’s forget that for a while as they finally delivered my new shoes today! Aren’t they awesome? They both turned out perfectly and I can’t wait to wear them.


The heels are my favourite part to design. I got both these shoes thanks to you guys buying my stuff  – it’s all paid for with my commission from Zazzle so THANK YOU, and I promise to continue spending all my future Zazzle profits on shoes. It is advertising after all. I think my only problem will be deciding which pair to take to Japan with me!

More pics at Flickr, and you can buy your own pair at Zazzle.

I have a whole load of blog posts half-drafted so business as usual very soon. And if you’re wondering why I haven’t shown you my rainboots yet it’s because they’re still making their way over from Asia. Should be here soon (postal gods/Fedex willing).

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