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They’re here!

My rainboots are here!

A nice Fedex man* brought me this box today – you can imagine how excited I was just by the box. Here’s what was inside – ten pairs of my Sew Cute rainboots!

My rainboots are here!

The pair on top were my size too so I immediately put them on. They’re so comfy!

My rainboots are here!

Since it wasn’t raining and I was technically at work, I took them off and put them at the end of my bed with my other shoes. And then realised they are all designed by me :)


Also, check out these lovely new Autumnal photos Plueys have put on the website – aren’t they pretty?

Plueys Homepage

*And seriously, where do I sign him up for employee of the month? After all the useless moaning couriers I have dealt with this year, he bothered to buzz my neighbours to get into the building, carried this heavy box up 3 flights of stairs and actually smiled when he saw how excited I was! Gold star.

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