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Happy Things from Japan

Although I didn’t buy as much in Japan as last time, I did buy a LOT of stuff and so much of it makes me very very happy. Want to see?

Taiko Panda Pillow

Taiko Panda! We saw these panda pillows in Osaka Loft and then saw them again in Tokyo. It’s become a tradition that I buy a kawaii pillow every time I go on a long-haul holiday (they’re great to have on the plane home!) so I didn’t even try to talk myself out of it. Anyway, how could I resist that face? He makes an awesome neck pillow too.


I will post about the Design Festa more in another post, but I got some amazing things there, including this totally adorable felted snowman. He’s so happy! I’m not sure who was more astonished – the girl who made him that I wanted to buy him, or me that someone could be selling adorable snowmen for under ¥300. Bargain. However, he is very soft so I had to transport him home in a Rilakkuma soup carton. Amazingly, I was not pulled over by airport security for this madness. She has a blog here, with more adorable photos. Eeee!

Takoyaki Museum

When we visited the Takoyaki Museum, it was nothing like we expected, basically a lot of stalls making takoyaki plus a shop. But what a shop! I came away with a kawaii takoyaki coin purse and a takoyaki bunny charm. Takoyaki Bunny! It’s like they knew I was coming.

Aranzi Aronzo

A trip to Tokyo is not complete with a peek into the Aranzi Aronzo shop of delights. I was very restrained this trip and just picked up some cute postcards (and a little enamel Usagi badge) and then Nic showed me that Christmas card. Aaargh. Every time I look at it, I feel like I should give up illustration – cutest thing ever.

Angel Bunny?

We were at the airport a bit early for our trip home and I was surprised to end up getting my credit card out again when I wandered into a toy shop. Not only did they have cute credit card cases – I’d been looking everywhere for one – and Rilakkuma on Mt Fuji charms, but I then discovered what I can only assume is Angel Bunny’s mum! So she had to come home with me.

You can see lots of other stuff I bought over on Flickr including gashapon, Design Festa postcards, a lot more bunnies and that Hello Kitty snowcone maker I mentioned previously.

I also bought a ton of stuff for the Super Cute Kawaii shop, so you can pick up your own piece of Japanese kawaii right here.

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