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New Design Work

Have you seen some of the cute websites I’ve been building recently? Lucky me has had four awesome Shopify stores to build recently, all with cute artwork. One was even for kawaii heroes Cute Plush (and I’ve just finished another job for them, to be launched soon).

There’s also posts about tons of things I’ve been designing recently for 5pm plus lots more. Check out my portfolio to see!

Also, if you’re considering starting a Shopify store, now is the time! There’s an offer on now where any new accounts I bring to Shopify get their fees waived until December! Shopify is basically 100% awesome and can be customised to your every whim or used with one of the great pre-built free themes (like my Prettify design).

There’s no contracts or any obligation to use my design services – just email me and I’ll get in touch as soon as I return. But if you were looking for a designer, well, I do come with the highest of recommendations…

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