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What I Wore on the plane

What I wore on the plane

A little bonus What I Wore drawing from the epic journey home from Tokyo. I got up at 6am Tokyo time, flew across the world for 12 hours and got home at 11pm UK time. My brain still hasn’t worked out how long that is yet.

However, it really wasn’t that bad at all. I kind of love long haul flights if you get a decent seat with someone you know (or no-one at all) next to you. You get to watch movies with your shoes off and every now and again someone will come round and offer you juice or coffee or ICE CREAM or a meal of many surprises. Of course this only works if it’s with a good airline like Virgin Atlantic, and probably also only if you are flying to or from somewhere with amazing food (eg Japan) where you get sticky rice and teriyaki chicken and bento boxes for your meals. I ate pretty much everything I was given and it was all good, apart from the weird berry oatmeal stuff for breakfast, which I ate anyway because, well, free food.

I was also glad I brought my panda pillow on the plane – he was not used as a neck pillow but instead as a comfy communal armrest and for hugging. And the socks! I am fairly gutted that they didn’t survive the washing machine on my return.

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