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Corners of my room


What with Project Clearout well under way, I now have some clear spaces in my room! Most of what you see here was like this but with more clutter or at least piles of dust. And apologies for the grainy photos – we had some lovely sleet today. The photo above is just my pretty daffodils, plus my Paperchase nesting Christmas dolls (far too awesome to box away for 10 months of the year) and my tiny Jen Corace letterpress print.


As I mentioned yesterday, I did some reframing and rearranging of my wall art. My Hulder print (by Laura Donald) is now up on the bookshelf where it fits in perfectly with my own little collage, Ikea ghost lights, Badtz Maru alarm clock a workmate brought me from China and a wooden turtle. My uncle brought that turtle back for my Granny and as a child I used to say it was my favourite thing in the house, so I got it for a gift a couple of years ago :)


And here is my pinboard, which has flourished since I last photographed it. If you’ve ever sent me a brooch, badge or phone strap that I love then it is probably on here because I don’t want to risk losing it outside. You can click on the photo to view it bigger at Flickr.

I need to clear away some stuff soon for when we get our new windows installed so I will take some more photos of any other cute corners I notice either before or after!

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