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Hats I have loved

Pumpkin on your head

I have had ‘Hats I Have Loved’ in my ideas list for a while now, and it amuses me so much I decided to just do it. So here is a little zine for you, full of drawings of things I have worn on my head (they are not all hats) and the stories behind them.

I also did this to show how easy it really is to make a zine – it took me about 4 hours to put this together. It’s hardly a masterpiece but it was fun to do and now I can stop thinking about hats and think about some of the other stupid things in my ideas list!

It’s available as a FREE PDF download so go ahead and get a copy. I’d appreciate if you tick the box to join my mailing list in return but no worries if you don’t want to. I may print some too just for fun, we’ll see.

And if you have ever worn a pumpkin on your head, please send me photographic proof and I will send you an exciting gift for being amazing.


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