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THREE YEARS EVERYONE. Can you believe it? March 1st 2008 was my first day of freedom after quitting my job for full time self-employment. I wasn’t sure I would last even 6 months but I have honestly never looked back.

When I think about all I’ve achieved in the past three years, it makes me super happy – my Plueys rainboots, Super Cute Kawaii, my Prettify theme for Shopify, the Tokyo Shopping Guide, my zine workshop, writing a book! Not to mention all the sites I’ve designed and all the hundreds (thousands?) of parcels I’ve posted to happy customers.

But most of all, it’s been awesome to work at home (in my pyjamas) and make my own decisions and plan my own days, rather than sit at a desk being forced to design pointless things that exacerbate my RSI, and travel hours on a bus service run by the overlords of hell.

But no doubt pride comes before a fall so I know I couldn’t have done it without all my lovely customers, blog readers, friends and family so THANK YOU and here’s hoping I can keep this up for a long time yet. Let’s face it, I’m basically unemployable now.

In celebration, I have finally updated the rest of my website, so it’s all cute and colourful now, yay! And don’t forget to download your free zine.

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