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Happy Birthday to me

Lego Space Shuttle

I got some awesome stuff for my birthday! Admittedly, I bought most of this stuff for myself with money people gave me but that’s why I like it all so much. You may be wondering if I devolved into a 10 year old boy but I love my Lego Space Shuttle. Not only is it amazing, but it took me over an hour to build, which was a nice break from being bored to death.

Lego Space Shuttle

It comes with the Hubble Space Telescope inside and an astronaut complete with radiation space suit. I’m not entirely sure how one astronaut is supposed to manage flying the shuttle and launching the telescope so it’s a good job I still have my 1980’s astronaut too.

Greenwich gifts

My birthday outing was to Greenwich, prime meridian of the world and also a lovely big park complete with an observatory, planetarium and maritime museum. Also a great gift shop, where my sister let me pick some presents. As you can see, I got a Russian Space Pen (it’s a pencil, ho ho), a cute maritime museum badge and the Greenwich Observatory book of astronomy (in the sale!). Cool carrier bag too.


I had some time for shopping before I got my train home the next day. I picked up this super cute Franche Lippee top in Uniqlo with a red riding hood design.

teal books

I also spent a good long time in the amazing Oxfam bookshop in Bloomsbury. I could have bought tons of stuff but I got two teal books! The top one is surprisingly gripping for a book about space written before we had sent anything up there and containing 3 chapters about parallax. The other is a very pretty book about islands. I realise my book buying is becoming almost hateably quirky but I do read all these books and enjoy them.

And finally, I have been avoiding looking at illustrated artwork of the Solar System until I finish my zine but I saw this on someone’s Tumblr and had to buy it immediately. It’s by Ben Newman and has such an amazing retro infographic style, plus amusing captions and it’s a lithograph, not a digital print. Just lovely.

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