Me Me Me

Ouch, the irony

On Friday, I added a new Get Well Soon card to my shop, since people have been asking a while for one.

Yesterday, this happened.

I had a run-in with a small rice bowl and gravity, in which I gained a deep gouge in the side of my wrist. My right wrist, of course. After a few hours in A&E (where I bled all over the x-ray table, sorry!), I’m all stitched up and trying to work out how to brush my teeth left-handed and entertain myself. Surprisingly, I can actually type fine – I at least managed not to damage anything important.

So, I’l be out of action for a few days and then I’ll be on holiday so I’ll be shipping orders sometime next week and I’m really sorry if you ordered something already and have to wait. I will try and get well soon!

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