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What’s in my bag

What's in my bag

Okay, so here is everything else that’s in my bag. Even with new windows, there still isn’t much light about sorry.

In the picture (sort of L-R, top to bottom):

– Polka dot bag, from a shop on Takeshita Dori in Tokyo, complete with mascots from Japan (whale shark and Mameshiba), a badge from Poyon bunny shop in Kyoto and my vintage scarf in case it’s colder than I expected.

– Yellow Shinzi Katoh fold up bag from Claire. This expands to fit a small elephant.

– Noodoll zipper pouch with pink bunny “rape alarm” from my first trip to Japan (it’s a whistle and bright-ish light. In reality, would not scare a small child). Inside this is lip balm, plasters, medicine, hairclips etc.

– The now infamous pompom hat, from Loft in Tokyo.

– Mameshiba round zipper purse. It’s the perfect size for my earbuds.

– Totoro zipper purse my sister got me in New York. I put my paper money in this.

Riceroar tote bag by Noodoll. Doesn’t hold as much as the Shinzi Katoh but it’s a shoulder bag so more comfortable to use.

– My keys on a keyring I made with We Are Cats webbing from Japan.

– The gloves!

– Pankunchi drawstring bag, from the Sanrio Store in Tokyo, second trip. It holds a selection of pens and pencils, business cards and Hi-Chews.

– Takoyaki coin purse from the Takoyaki Museum, for my change.

– Rilakkuma card holder, from Narita Airport. Holds all my credit cards, ID, Tamagotchi loyalty card (um) etc.

Riceroar pouch by Noodoll, for my iPhone, although my iPhone is quite often in my pocket instead.

Vintage Flowers notepad, by me!

So there you are. I’m surprised I have so much Noodoll stuff, but it is quality product – I’ve had the zipper pouch for about 7 years.

Other things I sometimes carry – an umbrella (usually too windy though), my big headphones, a book, my camera.

If you read this far, then you should do this too so I can be nosy at your stuff.

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