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It’s been far too long since I designed new fabrics for Spoonflower, so I’ve been dabbling a bit now that my hand is almost healed. There are a few good themes coming up in the contests so I designed a spooky wooky fabric for the black and white contest, and did a colour version too (it has a graph paper background, which you can’t really see here). I’ll definitely need to do something for ice cream week too.

I don’t expect to ever win a contest, especially with the way they’re run at the moment, but it’s a good way to promote my designs to a wider audience and hopefully get some new followers and sales.

I also did this kokeshi design, which looks like flowers the further away you stand (if you unfocus your eyes, you’ll see what I mean). I’m going to try some different background colours before I post it up though.

And here’s a work in progress! The colours aren’t final, just there to keep things separate, and the blue lines are just my guide grid. The hardest thing about repeats, proper repeats, is how painstaking it is getting everything lined up. If you’re even one pixel out, it won’t repeat properly.

Anyway, keep an eye on my Spoonflower page and all these designs (and probably more!) will be available for choosing if you win my fabric contest – some great questions so far!

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